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Virgin Islands & Caribbean Catamaran Charters with Viking Dream

"Sailing in the Caribbean" is a phrase usually referring to sailing in the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands includes the British and United States Virgin Islands. Almost eight percent (80%) of all Caribbean charters go through these locations.

The Virgin Islands is an archipelago consisting of more than forty islands and cays. Yacht Charters, but moreso Catamaran charters, in these areas offer the utmost pleasures of yachting and water sports. These volcanic islands are located about 60 miles east of Puerto Rico. The British Virgin Islands features some rugged mountain peaks rising from the crystal clear blue Caribbean Sea. May of these islands are still uninhabited today and are only reachable by sailing. Since many catamarans are built with a very low draft it is very easy to get to these islands, sometimes even without a dinghy.

Some of the more popular locations and destinations in the British Virgin Islands include, Ginger Island, Virgin Gorda, Norman Island, Jost Van Dyke, Peter Island, Tortola and Anegada.

‘Viking Dream's Catamaran charters’ are primarily based in the British Virgin Islands, but at the guests request a charter can be tailored for the the US Virgin Islands, Spanish Virgin Islands, the Leeward Islands or the Windward Islands.

The British Virgin Islands is the heart of where all yacht charters gravitate towards, especially the first time catamaran sailing vacationers. The islanders boasts the worlds "yacht charter" capital, which I support as well. This is the major decision for your vacation; pick a calm gentle area to have fun in. The most protected location in the world is the British Virgin Islands. This location is protected from the ocean swell and winds by 40 islands situated in a rough circle. This ensures calm and gentle sailing. All these islands can be seen all the time; they are close together. Short sailing means more time snorkeling, exploring uninhabited islands, shopping at pastel colored local villages under coconut palms, scuba diving, or just relaxing under a palm tree where reading a book is the fashion

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